How To Build The Best Wakeboarding Wave For Ultimate Air

wakeboardingEvery wakeboarder dreams of hitting that perfect wave. You grip the handle, catch a thrilling amount of air, and sail right back down. But how can you get there? For even the most seasoned water sports enthusiast, building that wave is an art. No matter your level, try out these tips to make your boarding experience as satisfying as possible.

  1. Weigh Your Boat Carefully 

    Every wakeboarder should invest in a quality wakeboard boat ballast system. For bigger waves, you want more weight in the back. This pushes the boat into the water to create a good amount of water displacement. If you ride regular-footed, put more weight toward the port side. Goofy-footers should weight the starboard more.

  2. Hit The Right Speed 

    The perfect wakeboarding speed depends on your boat, so mess around to find the sweet spot. Riding too fast or too slow may cause you to lose control, so ride where you are comfortable to start. Also pay attention to the condition of the water, since you might want to increase your speed over choppy waters.

  3. Hit The Right Length 

    Remember that to achieve the right height, you should also pay attention to wake length. Most enthusiasts will agree that a 10-15 foot wake generally works well. At this point, shoot to get the wave thigh high. Again, your boat type may make a big difference in this ratio. A deep-v hull should create solid length and depth.

  4. Experiment 

    The best way that a wakeboarder can get the optimal wave is to try out different boat configurations. Get a group of friends together and try out different ballast configurations and speeds. You will find a place where you are comfortable to ride but also pushed to take risks. Wakeboarding is all about growth, so push yourself to get better.


Over 3.2 million people participated in wakeboarding in 2015 in the United States. This means that over 3.2 people were enjoying the thrill of holding a perfect wave and even trying new tricks. By pushing yourself to board higher, you will only grow as an athlete. With the right boat accessories and know-how, you can create the best possible wakesurfing and boarding experience possible.