wakeboarding basics

Learning To Wakeboard: Tips To Get Started

In 2015, over 3.2 million people wakeboarded in the United States, making it one of the most popular water sports out there. Wakeboarding is undeniably awesome, and a very tempting option for newcomers to water sports. However, not all wakeboarding basics are the easiest to understand or pick up. Here are some excellent wakeboarding tips for beginners to get you up and wakeboarding in no time.


  • You’re going to fall: It may sound harsh, but it’s true, and it’s true for everyone in the sport. When you first start out with wakeboarding, you’re going to make mistakes, and you’re going to probably take a dip or two. When this happens, listen to your instructor’s advice on what probably happened that had you drinking lake water. Your instructor will know what they’re talking about, and their advice can keep you dry next time around.
  • You’ll figure out your footing fast: For anyone who’s skateboarded or snowboarded before, you probably already know if you’re regular or goofy footed. For those new to wakeboarding basics, regular translates to being “right-footed,” while goofy means being “left-footed.” You’ll be able to tell which footing is best for you fairly quickly; just go with what feels natural.
  • Advice for the rope: One of the most important parts of wakeboarding, aside from the wakeboards, is the rope. When you first start out, try to use a slightly shorter rope; it will be slightly easier for you to learn to stand up this way. Avoid pulling on the rope, as that will dig the nose of the board into the water, causing you to take a swim. Instead, hold it low and as close to the hip as possible.
  • Eyes up: Try to keep your focus directly ahead once you get on your feet; this will help you maintain your balance. It can be tempting to look down at your feet and watch the water pass you by. Don’t! Looking down will tilt your center of gravity, dig the nose of the board into the water, and again, you’ll be swimming before you know it.

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