Wintertime Wakeboarding Practice To Keep You Sharp In The Off Season

The first official wakeboarding competition happened in Orlando, Florida in 1990. No real surprise there, because the lowest temperatures in Florida are still warm enough for you to be in the water. Not everywhere in the United States gets to have a year-long summer. Warmer weather states can definitely be advantageous to practicing water sports, but there are ways around not having a beach in your backyard.


So, you want to keep your wakeboarding skills tuned up during the winter, but all the water around you freezes or gets too cold to hop in. We know a few ways, traditional and non-traditional, that will help you stay ready for the waves when the snow melts.


Get to the gym


We’ve all been taken by surprise when the first pull of the season on our wakeboards ends in a good old-fashioned faceplant. Don’t let your arms get rubbery by playing video games all winter, hit the gym and keep yourself in shape. We hate to sound like a coach, but physical fitness is a huge part of developing your sport beyond the ordinary.


Upgrade your stuff


Sure, shiny new duds don’t make the boarder, but the offseason gives you the time to really look at your equipment and boat accessories to assess what’s good, what needs repair, and what needs replacing. Part of being a well-rounded wakeboarder is being able to take care of your gear. And sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself.


Go snowboarding


Far and away the most similar to wakeboarding, snowboarding shares a whole bunch of wakeboarding basics that you can practice on the slopes. You might not be towed along on a rope, but the turning, jumping, and muscle use are all very similar and will definitely be beneficial for when you get back on the water. Plus, snowboarding is super fun in its own right.


Don’t lament that wakeboarding season is over. With the right amount of creativity and self-motivation, you’ll be able to apply all sorts of different activities to staying wake ready while the snow’s falling. What are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun, it’ll be summer again before you know it.