How To Weight Your Boat For Bigger Wakeboarding Waves

water sportsWakeboarding has grown into one of the most popular water sports in the United States. In 2015, over 3.2 million people tried their hand at the sport. If you are interested in fitting your boat for wakeboarding, it’s important to know how to manage your wakeboard boat ballast system. By following these tips, you can weigh your boat properly and create a bigger wake.

  1. Place more weight in the stern. To create a bigger wake, more weight should be in the back of the boat. The more weight you place in the back, the higher and shorter the wake will be. Keep this in mind, as novice wakeboarders may want to start off with shorter wakes.
  2. Weigh the bow slightly. It is usually a good idea to place weight in the front of the boat as well to provide some balance. The closer the bow and stern are in weight, the longer and shorter the wake will be.
  3. Weigh the correct side. Depending on your style of boarding and your boat model, you will need to place your ballast system at a certain side of the boat. If you ride regular-footed, with your left foot in front, place more weight on the port side. Goofy-footed riders placing their right foot in front need more weight in the starboard.
  4. Consider how many passengers will be on board. Remember that your boat passengers will provide weight in addition to your ballast bags. If you have more people on board, you may not need to use as much weight.
  5. Maintain your ballast system. Once you have your boat fitted for wakeboarding, it is important to keep your ballast system in good condition. If you are a veteran boarder, your system may be out of date, so be sure to replace it when necessary. Surf systems for boats experience plenty of wear and tear, so pay attention to the condition of your gear.

With the right gear and setup, you can enjoy your favorite water sports all summer long. By taking time to research and invest in these boat accessories, you will create bigger waves and improve as a wakeboarder. Pay attention to what works, make adjustments accordingly, and enjoy the ride.